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Words of gratitude

"Having Liz as my postpartum doula was an absolute blessing. Her support throughout the month felt like having a caring sister by my side, guiding me through the ups and downs of new motherhood. Not only was she incredibly nurturing and attentive to my needs, but she also provided invaluable assistance with meals and household tasks, easing the transition into parenthood. She worked around bub during the visits and I was able to get relaxing massages during every visit and evn take naps. Liz's sweet and kind nature put me at ease, and her thorough explanations of the process and services before the birth ensured I felt confident and prepared. Without a doubt, I'll be booking Liz again for my next birth. Her compassion made all the difference during such a special time in my life."

- Julia

"After the birth of our baby girl, amidst the chaos of the newborn phase, Liz brought calm, warmth and understanding to our home. Her knowledge and compassion eased my transition into motherhood, and provided invaluable support. She respected our space while being happy to assist with everything from household tasks to giving an amazing massage. She bought with her each week delicious and nurturing food and drink, which she tailored to my needs. This food was one of the best things that got me through the newborn phase! At the end of the postnatal period, Liz performed a closing of the bones ceremony - a beautiful and healing ritual, that helped me feel ready to move on with the rest of my mothering journey. Liz’s presence was a true gift during this special time.  I wholeheartedly recommend getting a postnatal doula to any new mum, but especially Liz ❤️"

- Ashleigh

Haley and I just wanted to reiterate how grateful we are for your support, nourishment and knowledge over the past 4 weeks. We truely believe that we were supposed to cross paths and can’t thank you enough for bringing such a calm energy into our home when we needed it the most. The knowledge you gave us will be something we will have with us for the rest of our lives. You were born to be a Doula and look forward to catching up again in the near future.

- Reon & Haley

"My ceremony with Liz was incredible. I felt deeply held by Liz and the space that she created. The attention to detail she took throughout the entire ceremony was so beautifully woven, it truly was the perfect process for me to safely & intentionally close a portal and step into my new chapter. Liz has a gentle and nurturing energy which ripples into her work, which I could feel she is deeply devoted to. I am so grateful for my session with Liz, it was such a special way to honour my journey and I would highly recommend Liz to anyone considering a closing the bones ceremony."

- Lauren

"I am so happy I did a closing of the bones ceremony...while I waited until the 8 week mark it felt like the right time for me to let go of the negative feelings I had around the birth and first week of my twin boys! I had only connected with Liz via her website & short video chat but she felt like the right fit and my intuition was spot on. Its amazing how safe & comfortable she enabled me to feel during such a vulnerable experience. The ceremony itself was beautiful, Im sure everyone has such different experiences, but for me while I was expecting tears I ended up feeling full body gratitude. I left feeling lighter and in the weeks that have followed I feel like my old self & new mother self have become beautifully integrated. Thank you 💕"

- Mirinda

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