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Closing The Bones Ritual

In-home postpartum ritual

Closing the Bones or "La Cerrada" is a traditional Mexican ritual to honour, energise and nurture mothers after the birth of their baby. It is believed that birth is the time of greatest energetic expansion.The intention of this ritual is to close the pathways that have been opened during pregnancy and birth and to bring the mother's spirit back into her body. It provides space to reflect, heal and integrate the pregnancy, birth and the new role of motherhood. Closing the Bones recognises the significance of birth as a rite of passage and the importance of ritual as a way to honour it.

I give my deepest respect and gratitude to the holders of this wisdom past and present who have performed and transmitted this ritual over the years and given us the honour to receive their wisdom and be allowed to practice it. I have had the privilege of learning this ritual from Naoli Vinaver, a traditional Mexican midwife.

Closing The Bones is a powerful healing ritual honouring the mother and facilitating the integration of her birth experience and transformation.


Postpartum Closing Ritual

The ritual will take place in the comfort of your home and involves four different elements; a full body massage to release tension and improve circulation; a steam bath (known in Mexico as "temazcal" or "womb of the earth") to promote warmth, cleanse and purify; a period of sweating under heavy blankets to further rest and detoxify; and a closing of the body using traditional Mexican Rebozos. This powerful ritual helps to release and move energy within the physical and energetic body, create warmth, nurture and empower you as you embrace your life as a mother.

The closing ritual is traditionally performed within the first 40 days. However, it can be performed at any time after giving birth, even years afterwards. It is also suitable for pregnancy loss, menopause or any other rite of passage or life event where closure is needed. Allow at least 4 hours for the duration of the ceremony. The ceremony will be co-supported by another doula who has also received training in the traditional Mexican ceremony.

For more information, feel free to get in touch.

Exchange: $500

Add-on to a postpartum doula care package: $400

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