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Postpartum Doula Support

In home postpartum care

In-home visits to support, nourish and nurture you during the sacred window after birth. As a doula, my role is to care for and honour you during your transition into motherhood. Every visit is unique and tailored to your needs. My aim is to ensure you are well rested, nourished and supported so you can dedicate yourself to healing, replenishing and simply being a mother. 

I believe in the wisdom of traditional postpartum care, weaving ancestral practices and rituals into postpartum care and above all, to support you in having a slow, mindful and blissful beginning as a mother. My approach combines my own embodied knowledge and experiences, Ayurvedic & TCM based practices, plant medicine, mindfulness, wisdom passed on from other mothers in our community as well as evidence-based information about postpartum and infant care.

Visits will be guided by you and I will be of service to your needs.
This may look like:

- Planning and organising a village of support - Physical and emotional support to assist with recovery from birth - Nourishing meals, snacks & herbal teas - Breastfeeding support - Holistic approach to addressing common postpartum issues - Belly binding - Herbal baths/sitz - Warming therapy (moxibustion, castor oil packs, pelvic steaming) - Postpartum massage - Guided meditation and full body relaxation - Abhyanga massage for mama & baby (Ayurvedic self-massage) - Light housework such as hanging/folding laundry, changing sheets, clean up kitchen & tidy home - Run errands or food shopping at the markets/bulk foods/shops as needed - Self-care rituals to restore energy and cultivate calm: meditation, sound healing, breathing practices, journaling, restorative yoga - Listening with an open mind and heart whilst providing tools to help you further connect and trust in your own inner wisdom and intuition - Evidence-based information on breastfeeding, newborn care and postpartum issues as needed - Referrals to local professionals as needed (Lactation Consultant, Naturopath, Acupuncturist, Women's Health Physiotherapist, etc.) - Placenta to Earth Ceremony


Postpartum Doula Packages

Postpartum care in the comfort of your home tailored to your needs for the sacred window after birth. We will connect before the birth and explore your expectations, vision and intentions for your postpartum journey. After baby's arrival, I will visit weekly to support, nourish and nurture you during the early weeks motherhood in whatever way you and your family need it most. This may include any of the support listed above. Postpartum specific foods will be provided with each visit. I will always be available for phone and email support throughout our journey. All packages include:

  • Complimentary initial meeting

  • 1 x prenatal visit (see Postpartum Planning)

  • Food package drop off within the first 3 days after birth

  • Weekly 3 hours postpartum visits 

  • Nourishing meals, snacks and herbal teas at each visit

    • 4-6 meals serves​

    • 6-8 snack serves

    • 3-5 herbal tea/infusion serves

  • Selection of natural postpartum care supplies tailored to your need (belly bind, balms, infused oils, herbal teas, herbal sitz)

  • Optional Closing The Bones Ceremony for the last visit

  • Phone, text and email support

  • Access to my library of pregnancy, birth & postpartum books and resources

I offer an obligation free meeting to connect prior to making a booking. If none of the above packages suit your needs, I am always open to creating a tailored offering. Please note that a 30% non refundable deposit is required to secure your booking.

A note on food

I believe food is medicine. Every meal is cooked with intention, mindfulness and care. Preparation is made with a deep understanding of postpartum physiology with the intention to rekindle the digestive fire (agni), heal tissues, replenish vitality and nourish whole body and mind after birth. I source all fresh foods directly from the farmers at the local markets. Most ingredients from oils and spices to grains and seeds are certified organic. Herbs and plants used to make teas and sitz baths are all certified organic. I consider food to be one of the most important medicines in postpartum and as such take great care during the entire process of sourcing, preparing and serving food to mothers. 

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