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Postpartum Planning

In home or online

Space and time dedicated to intentionally visualise and prepare for your postpartum journey. The three months following birth are often referred to as the "fourth trimester" or the forgotten trimester. It is a time of great change not only physiologically, but also socially, emotionally and spiritually. Bringing a new soul into the world is only the start of a lifelong magnificent journey: motherhood. Just like pregnancy and birth, it is important to be well informed and prepared for this incredible period of change. 

My approach is inspired by traditional postpartum care practices, evidence-based information, Ayurveda, TCM and mindfulness practices. Life is in continual flow and we need to surrender to events as they happen, birth and postpartum included. However, I believe that setting conscious intentions, planting seeds and being equipped with the right information can greatly benefit our postpartum experience, just as it benefits our day to day life as a whole. 

Our postpartum planning session will cover a range of topics such as:

- The first hours after birth - The first 40 days after birth and its significance - Physiological changes taking place during postpartum - Creating a sanctuary within your home - Creating a village of support for your transition into motherhood - Navigating conflicting advice from professionals, friends and family - How to get in touch with your mother intuition - Setting boundaries - Postpartum specific foods and their benefits - Meal and snack planning - Common postpartum issues and how to address them - Practices to promote and enhance physical recovery - Common breastfeeding issues and how to address them - The wonders of oxytocin and how to enhance it - Bonding with baby  - How Dad can best support you and baby in the first weeks - How to promote bonding between Dad & baby - Self-care rituals and practices - Postnatal depletion how to prevent it and how to recognise it - Newborn behaviour & care - Strategies for managing sleep - Postpartum essentials for mother and baby


Postpartum Planning Session

Our postpartum planning session will take place in your home or online. We will start by discussing how you are experiencing pregnancy, what are your birth prefrences and how you envision your postpartum to be like. We will explore your intentions and vision for your transition into motherhood and develop practices and strategies to help you achieve your desired postpartum experience. How do you want to feel? How do you visualise your space? Who do you want to support you? What practices do you want to implement? How do you see yourself stepping into your new role as a mother? These are all topics we will discuss further. Following our meeting, you will receive your own personalised postpartum guide based on your needs, wishes and circumstances. This guide will include resources, strategies, information and practices to guide you throughout your fourth trimester. I will be available to answer any questions by phone or email following our session. 


Our postpartum planning session will include:

  • 2 hours in home or online

  • Personalised postpartum guide

  • Resources

  • Phone, text or email support


Exchange:  $150 

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